ORBERA™ for Weight Loss

oberaEffective weight loss in Atlanta with a gastric balloon

In the past, weight loss options have included highly intense bariatric surgery procedures or ineffective dietary plans. Now, there is another option. The ORBERA intragastric balloon has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of obesity, and is an effective and safe solution for weight loss.

On average, ORBERA delivers three times greater weight loss results than diet and exercise alone.

What is ORBERA?


ORBERA is a bridge between traditional weight loss methods and weight loss surgery. The system features an intragastric balloon that is inserted into the stomach during a quick and simple endoscopic procedure. The balloon is directed through the mouth and once in place in the stomach is inflated with a saline solution until it is about the size of a grapefruit. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, and then you are free to go home. The weight loss benefits begin right away.

After about six months the device is removed in a second endoscopic procedure, and there are absolutely no permanent side effects—other than the healthier weight that ORBERA helps you achieve. The balloon is both safe and effective for fast weight loss in Atlanta.

Benefits of ORBERA

  • No incisions, no long recovery, and no scarring
  • No permanent changes to the digestive tract, unlike with many forms of weight loss surgery
  • Encourages greater weight loss success than diet and exercise alone

ORBERA intragastric balloon is highly recommended for those who have a significant amount of weight to lose, but are not eligible or prefer not to undergo weight loss surgery. The ORBERA intragastric balloon weight loss system is FDA approved, and has been found to be both safe and effective in over 220,000 placements worldwide.

The ORBERA intragastric balloon restricts hunger without the use of medication, helping you naturally follow your medical weight loss program with greater success. Following your doctors instructions about dietary changes and healthy lifestyle habits, like regular exercise, will enhance weight loss results and will support long-term weight maintenance.

For more information about losing weight with the ORBERA intragastric balloon, contact your weight loss surgeon.