Meet Our Experts in Bariatric Surgery

Srinivasa Gorjala,

Dr. Srinivasa Gorjala
Dr. Gorjala

Dr. Srinivasa Gorjala is a general/bariatric surgeon specializing in laparoscopic, endocrine, and bariatric surgery. Dr. Gorjala received his MD from New Jersey Medical School, completed his surgery training at the Medical College of Georgia, and started practice in 1997.

Dr. Gorjala has brought various surgical innovations to the Northside Hospital network, such as advances in thyroid and parathyroid surgery, including intraoperative parathyroid localization and assays. He has also brought a multi-disciplinary approach and a complete 360-care model to bariatric surgery. He uses the mini-invasive “single port” technique for the lap band surgery. Lifestyle magazine named him a “Top Doc” in 2007.

Sujata Gill, MD, FACS

Dr. Gill

Dr. Sujata Gill is an established, board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeon who has joined Bariatric Innovations and General Surgery at the Northside Forsyth campus.

Dr. Gill graduated SUNY Buffalo, State University of New York School of Medicine. She completed her residency at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC, and a Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship in Robotics/Bariatrics/Reflux/Upper Endoscopy at Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA

She is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. She has a passion for robotics and has been recognized as the highest volume and only female robotic surgeon from 2015-2022 by her previous health system. She has built a strong reputation in leadership, education, and women’s advocacy within the healthcare space. Dr. Gill provides excellence in patient care, outcomes, and experience through a team-based, quality-focused, and communicative surgical approach. She enjoys promoting community wellness by supporting patients in meeting their weight loss and other health goals.

Nathaniel Lytle,

Dr. Nathaniel Lytle
Dr. Lytle

Dr. Nathaniel Lytle is a bariatric surgeon specializing in solid organ surgery, complex hernia repairs, and treating diseases of the esophagus and stomach.

Dr. Lytle received his MD from the University of Texas in San Antonio and then completed his residency at the University of Tennessee and a fellowship at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta.

He is board certified in general surgery and a member of the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons, the American College of Surgeons, and the American Medical Association. Dr. Lytle brings experience in several of the most innovative and effective surgical procedures in the treatment of acid reflux, including cholecystectomy, complex abdominal hernia repairs and esophagus surgery, and the Linx® Reflux System.

Dr. Lytle also provides bariatric operative care, including adjustable gastric banding, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and non-surgical gastric balloons. Dr. Lytle’s specialization includes robotic surgery, single-site surgery, solid organ procedures, and thyroid/ parathyroid surgery.

He strives to provide the highest quality of care for each patient he sees.

Benjamin J. Flink, MD, MPH

Dr. Flink

Dr. Benjamin J. Flink is a General Surgeon specializing in Bariatric Surgery, Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgery, and Robotic Surgery.

Dr. Flink graduated from Duke University School of Medicine and completed his residency at Emory University Hospital. Dr. Flink completed a Fellowship in MIS/Advanced GI and Bariatric Surgery at Stony Brook University.