ReShape Dual Weight Loss Balloon

Achieve long-lasting weight loss with the help of gastric balloons

The ReShape dual gastric-balloon system offers a new solution to weight loss, offering an alternative to traditional medical weight loss programs without the invasiveness of bariatric surgery. The ReShape solution is designed to jump start your weight loss progress with the help of a dual-system of saline balloons that are designed to mimic feelings of satiation, helping you feel full faster and therefore less likely to overeat.

One Procedure. Two Balloons. Lasting Weight Loss.

The ReShape weight loss system features two medical-grade silicone balloons that are carefully placed inside the stomach and then inflated with a saline solution. The balloons are left in place for six months, giving your weight loss progress a head start as you experience fewer feelings of hunger and an easier time following a medical weight loss plan.

Together with ongoing guidance from your weight loss doctor, healthy dietary choices and regular exercise, the ReShape system can help you lose weight fast and keep the weight off without the need for a single incision.

Benefits of the ReShape System

The ReShape system uses two balloons to maximize stomach capacity. By using the dual-balloon design, it is possible to take up more space in the stomach, and therefore reduce feelings of hunger even more so than if just one balloon was being used.

The balloons are put in place endoscopically. There is no need for any x-rays or incisions, and the balloons are inflated, deflated, and even removed in the same way. This prioritizes safety by greatly reducing risks that are associated with many other minimally invasive bariatric procedures.

The dual balloon system is left in place for six months, and after that time is removed without any changes being made to the stomach or digestive tract. Once the balloons are removed, it is as if the system was never there. The only evidence is the weight loss.

The ReShape procedure takes about 20 minutes. There is no hospital stay required, and most people are able to return to work or their regular business within one day of the balloons being put into place. After six months, the balloons are removed just as easily.

ReShape is a highly effective strategy for quick and healthy weight loss. For more information about the ReShape dual gastric balloon system, please contact us.