Felecia H: LAP-BAND

felecia weight loss success

I have struggled with weight most of my life. I have tried every diet known to man. I took jobs that kept me physically active, but were not enough to compensate for the minimal food intake (eating one meal a day) or my bulimic binges (because I didn’t eat today I can eat all I want right now). After years of the up and down weight fluctuations, and damage I had done to my body I decided I wanted to get the weight off and keep it off. At this point I was at my highest weight of 467lbs. I tried several times to have the gastric bypass surgery only to be told that I didn’t have enough co-morbidities that would warrant the procedure.

I met a doctor in Virginia at the consult he stated that he would definitely be able to get me the procedure; however that I his only stipulation was in order for him to do it, that it would have to be done the “good old fashion way and that is invasive surgery”. I declined at that time why lose the weight and still be a prisoner to my body due to scars?!? I keep on with my repetitious habits of binging and purging and literally restrictions/fasting for long periods at a time losing 30 sometimes 50lbs at a time, but doing more damage than good. Yes the weight would come off, but it would not stay off.

June 2011 I met with Rhonda in Dr. Gorjala’s office. She was my patient advocate and liaison for my insurance company. She helped to keep me faithful when I had given up and felt all was lost or I would be turned down again. Not only Rhonda, but the entire staff including Dr. Gorjala would follow up with me. Rhonda assured me that when I was approved she would be the one to call me personally. Needless to say August 30, 2011 was that life changing day that I was at work, and seen the dr.’s name pop up on my phone, but Rhonda’s voice on the other line saying “Felecia, your time has come”  There weren’t enough words to express how grateful I was to hear those words. I was told at that time to start the preparation as pre discussed for surgery and that my surgery date would be on the 16th of September.

September 16th came and the procedure was a success. I was able to leave surgery walking. Within seemingly weeks my weight began to shift and drop as I worked with the new tool that I had been given. I stayed active in the gym, and followed meal plans along with portion control. I was able to get rid of a total of 282lbs, and this is where life for me begins!

Thank you to Dr. Gorjala and his team!