6 Steps to Problem Solving Success

Every day comes with its own set of challenges. This is a realization that everyone will reach at one point in their life, but it doesn’t make the challenges that arise any easier to conquer. When you set off on a journey of improving your health, those challenges can feel very steep. Many people don’t realize how many small habits they have that influence their overall health and wellness level.  Letting these small habits turn into obstacles can be a stressful experience, and if you aren’t careful, that stress can derail you from reaching your goal.

Obesity is a huge problem that too many people live in the United States. The longer you live with obesity, the harder it is to overcome it. Making the choice to get weight loss surgery to finally do something about your desire to lose weight is a huge step, but it isn’t the final solution. Even after you get weight loss surgery you will need to continue overcoming obstacles and finding ways to make the most out of your weight loss potential.

Solving Problems, One Step at a Time

Being proactive about problem-solving can prevent you from succumbing to obstacles you encounter along your wellness journey. This is simple to do by recognizing methodically how problems can be addressed.

You can solve any problem you encounter by following these six steps.

  1. Define the problem in your own terms.
  2. Come up with potential solutions that will solve the problem.
  3. Evaluate those situations and determine which makes the most sense.
  4. Make your decision and move forward—don’t hold onto ‘what ifs!’ Just move on.
  5. Implement that decision to the full force of your ability and then finally, step
  6. Reflect and assess your actions and determine if the problem is adequately solved.

Following these six steps will help you overcome obstacles of all sizes, from issues with temptation regarding what you hope to have for lunch, all the way up to the larger issues you’ll face in life. Remember, managing your stress level is a huge component of your new healthy lifestyle.

6 Steps to Problem Solving Success