Weight Loss Surgery



Five Reasons Why You Should Eat More Eggs

For many years now, eggs have received a bad rap due to their high cholesterol levels. Health experts thought that cholesterol from food sources was risky for heart health. However, this theory has since been disproved. As a result, nutritionists now encourage people to eat up to 3 whole eggs per day, especially eggs from free-range hens. Below are a few reasons why you should eat eggs regularly: [Read more]



Five Psychological Tricks To Generate Motivation For Exercise

Exercise can be difficult. But oftentimes, the hardest part isn’t the workout itself, but mustering up the motivation required to get started. What’s needed in situations like these are some mental tricks to get you moving. Here are five psychological tips for generating the motivation for exercise. [Read more]



The Crucial Elements of Recovery

Recovery is arguably the most important part of a workout plan.  It’s where growth occurs, as muscles rebuild themselves and adapt and strengthen for the next workout.  Without recovery, muscles can be overworked and you may not see the results you want.  In order to make the most of recovery, however, there are several crucial components to include.  Without these components, you are leaving benefits on the table and not taking full advantage of your time off. [Read more]



Lose Weight with these 12 Healthy Tips

Although there are no healthy tricks for drastic weight loss, there are several steps you can take to reduce your weight and increase your overall health. Below is some of the best weight-loss advice to date: [Read more]



Snacking Done Right

Constantly thinking about what you can and can’t eat as part of your weight loss program can make you go a little crazy after a while. This is why early on in your weight loss program your weight loss surgeon will help you come up with a strategy to simplify the process as much as […]



Finding Balance for Weight Loss

The longer you struggle with obesity, the more likely you are to continue struggling with obesity for years to come. Obesity isn’t something that happens suddenly. There are years of unhealthy behavior and thousands of unhealthy choices that go into an unhealthy lifestyle, and making the choice to undo those decisions takes time and effort, but beyond that it takes balance. When you are trying to lose weight, it can be easy to grow discouraged if after just a few short days you don’t see yourself making any true progress towards your weight loss goals, but that is a dangerous mental trap that can lead you far astray from ever being able to meet your weight loss goals. [Read more]



Staying Hydrated to Lose Weight

Staying hydrated is one of the core elements of any health and wellness plan, and your weight loss program is no different. When you aren’t giving your body enough fluids to manage appropriately, then it starts to systematically shut-down, and the metabolism is one of the first things to slow down. This means that if you aren’t drinking enough water every day, in addition to getting too many calories from whatever you are drinking, your lack of water may actually be making it more difficult for you to keep up with your weight loss goals. [Read more]



The Best Post-Bariatric Snacks

Prior to undergoing weight loss surgery, you may not spend a lot of time thinking about where you next meal is going to come from, or what your snack will be between lunch and dinner. However, when you make the switch to start a medical weight loss program or undergo a bariatric procedure, planning your meals ahead of time is very important. That’s because your body is going to need a lot of nutrients in every bite you eat following surgery. [Read more]



How Obesity Impacts the Immune System

It has long been understood that obesity has a negative impact on personal health and wellbeing. Obesity makes you more likely to develop chronic disease, including heart disease, cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and more. It has also long been understood that obesity makes individuals more vulnerable to mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. [Read more]



Dance the Calories Away

When was the last time that you let yourself dance the night away? Dancing has long been a favorite pastime. As long as western civilization has been expanding, dancing has been a part of life and culture. It is one of the most common activities that children engage in, starting off with simple dance classes before maturing into adolescents who will then go out of their way to enjoy a good dance party. But for many adults, as time goes on the opportunities for dancing seem to diminish. [Read more]