Food Substitutions to Fight Cravings

Food Substitutions to Fight CravingsSometimes we crave certain types of foods because our body is missing nutrients from other types of foods. If you want to avoid rather than fight food cravings try incorporating these various foods into your diet depending on what types of cravings you experience.

Instead of…

Chocolate: nuts, seeds, fruits and legumes – all high in magnesium that will curb chocolate cravings

Sugary Snacks: grapes, eggs, fruit, cabbage, cheese, broccoli, and sweet potato- high in phosphorus, carbon, sulfur and tryptophan

Simple Carbs: chicken, fish, nuts and beans- high in nitrogen

Fatty or Salty Foods: milk, cheese, Greek yogurt, fish and leafy greens- provides your body with missing calcium and chloride

Food Substitutions to Fight Cravings