Healthy Holiday Game Plan

Game Plan for a Healthy HolidayThe holidays are here, and with that come holiday parties, family gatherings and lots of celebrations-that are often centered around food. Having a healthy holiday eating game plan is the best way to prevent overindulging and stay on track to meet your health goals.

  • Don’t skip meals or “save” your calories– eating light or skipping meals leading up to a holiday party or big dinner often leads to binging later on and keeps us from making smart food and beverage choices. Instead try eating a balanced breakfast and lunch to keep your appetite normal so you can enjoy-but not overindulge later.
  • Do eat holiday treats– in moderation. Pick your favorite dish, drink or dessert and allow yourself to enjoy it! Labeling foods as “forbidden” can make them all the more appealing, instead allow yourself a small portion to satisfy the craving and keep you from going overboard.
  • Don’t hoard leftovers. If you’re throwing a party or diving up leftovers let friends and family take it off your hands- out of sight out of mind!
  • Do come prepared – offer to bring a healthy vegetable tray with a low-fat dip or a salad with lean protein, this way you know there will be something healthy and delicious available.

Healthy Holiday Game Plan

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