Maintaining Motivation

maintain motivationWeight loss surgery can provide the opportunity to lose weight and start reaching your health goals. But long-term success means staying motivated when the excitement of your new surgery wears off and your life begins to return to normal. Taking measures to maintain a positive outlook on the situation can be a key part of ensuring that you are taking appropriate steps to reach your goals.

Set Goals that are Realistic

Realistic goals consider your current health, your fitness level and the safety involved in your weight loss endeavors. Do not try to lose everything within a short period of time. Set goals that are clear, concise and measurable. Rely on your bariatric team to help you set realistic weight loss goals for weight loss depending on the stage that you are in after surgery.

For example, setting a goal to lose one pound per week may be easy in the beginning, but as you draw closer to your goal weight you may have to adjust your expecttions. Set long-term goals that focus on your final destination, but make sure that you recognize the steps that are necessary to get to that goal. If your goals are realistic, then you are more likely to reach them.

Focus on One Day at a Time

Even if you have missed a workout routine, do not allow that to prevent you from trying to reach a new goal. Focus on reaching your goals for the next day and try again.

There is always the possibility that you will stumble; however, you can reach your goals if you continue to persist in your weight loss pursuits.

Reward Positive Results

Rewards can be a motivator, especially when they focus on your goals and help you rmove steadily toward them after weight loss surgery. Avoid rewards that focus on foods; instead, opt for options like a new pair of shoes, an outfit or other special items that celebrate the small victories.

Losing weight can take time, but there are ways to maintain your motivation throughout the journey. Focus on reaching each small goal and taking one step at a time. Ultimately, it will have positive results on your goals and your plans.

Maintaining Motivation