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3 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss

There are a lot of different types of weight loss programs out there, and so if you spend long enough looking for one that tells you what you want to hear, chances are you are going to find it. [Read more]



To Lose Weight, Cut the Process

The whole foods diet is seeing a bit of a popularity boost right now, but that doesn’t mean that the idea of eliminating processed foods in favor of whole foods is anything new or novel. A diet rich in highly processed foods is unique to the modern generation. [Read more]



Save Money, Lose Weight

Losing weight requires a lot of time and energy. There are dietary guidelines that you need to keep up with, gym memberships that you have to use regularly, and plenty of social engagements and stress-related indulgences that you need to learn how to work around if you hope to keep up with your weight loss goals. While this can weigh heavily on your daily schedule, it can also begin to weigh heavily on your wallet. [Read more]



How Antioxidants Support Weight Loss

Are antioxidants really the key to helping you manage your personal health and weight loss goals? This is certainly the type of rhetoric that is typically attached to these feel-good foods, but it is time to find out the truth about antioxidants once and for all. [Read more]



Fight Dehydration for Weight Loss

Staying properly hydrated is important for your overall health, and matters when you are trying to lose weight. Being dehydrated can actually slow down your weight loss progress, making it more difficult to reach your weight loss goals, even if you are putting in the dieting and exercise effort that you need. You may think that this is something that doesn’t affect you because you aren’t thirsty, but you could be totally wrong! The problem is that dehydration is actually way more common than you may originally think, and could be impacting your weight loss goals right now. [Read more]



Coffee & Calories: Caffeine for your Weight Loss Plan

Coffee is one of the most hotly contested and passion infused drinks on the market. There are those who hate it, those who love it, and those who swear that they could absolutely never live without it. For those in this last camp, the idea of forgoing coffee during your weight loss program may seem a little more than far-fetched; it probably seems downright impossible. Making dietary adjustments is hard, finding time to exercise every day is even harder, but not having that cup of coffee in the morning to help you get going—that is the hardest sell of all. [Read more]



Weight Loss Trend Watch: Intermittent Fasting

Every couple of years a new weight loss trend starts to get a lot of attention. Sometimes it is thanks to some sort of celebrity endorsement on a supplement that is sure to drain your wallet without making too much of an impact on the scale. At other times it is a behavioral trend—something that […]



Growing Wiser, Older, and Larger

Weight gain is often considered a totally natural “side effect” of aging, but this isn’t comforting or reassuring to anyone who has struggled with obesity as they’ve grown older. In your youth it may have seemed easy to drop the few pounds you’d gain during the holidays, but as time goes on those pounds tend to stick, and before you know it you could be a few pants sizes larger than you ever thought you would be. [Read more]



Breakfast Tips to Start the Day Off Right

Weight loss surgery is a life changing experience, and it is going to impact many different aspects of your day to day life. These changes begin the moment you wake up every morning. For many people, breakfast is something that we eat on autopilot. You plan ahead of time to make sure that it is available, and then make it as quick and easy as possible to eat on the go so that you can maximize the amount of time that you are sleeping in while still getting to work on time. [Read more]



Faster Weight Loss in Three Steps

The search for simple and fast weight loss has dominated headlines and medical weight loss researchers for decades, but the answer may not be as difficult to find as you might originally think. While weight loss surgery is absolutely proven to be the most successful way to lose weight fast and keep the weight off […]