Stay Healthy during the Holiday Gatherings

Stay Healthy during the Holiday GatheringsSpring and Summer Holidays are approaching and this typically means a barbeque with friends and family. Follow these tips to stay healthy during the holiday gatherings!

1. Stay hydrated. The warm weather and activities at these gatherings can increase your risk for dehydration, which can cause headaches, nausea and physical hunger! Bring plenty of calorie and caffeine free beverages like water, cucumber water, crystal light or PowerAde zero to the barbeque and set a timer to remind yourself to drink consistently!

2. Re-route your focus on friends, family and activities instead of food! Bring cards, games and sporting equipment to keep yourself busy with friends and family!

3. Stick to your basics: 3 oz of lean protein first (deck of cards), ½-1 cup of fruit or vegetables (fist) and 1/8 cup of starch (Ping-Pong ball) last.

4. Avoid high calorie, high fat, starchy sides like potato salad, macaroni salad and potato chips. Instead try grilled fruit or vegetable skewers, lightened up coleslaw (contact me for recipe) or green beans.

5. Avoid high calorie, high fat meats like hot dogs and ribs. Instead, lighten up with grilled chicken or extra lean ground beef if available.

6. Be bold and confident! Bring your own protein source (fish, chicken, lean ground beef) and side dishes (fruit and vegetables). And you will be an encouragement to someone else there!

Stay Healthy during the Holiday Gatherings