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Getting Physically Fit

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You’ve had Lap Band surgery and you’ve made changes to your diet to lose weight—now it’s time to get moving. Exercising after Lap Band surgery is necessary for losing weight and maintaining weight loss long term. If you weren’t regularly active before having Lap Band surgery, starting a new workout routine can be mentally and […]



Crockpot Turkey

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What’s Cooking in Jen’s Kitchen? June is Turkey Lovers Month, which is a great reason to try this month’s recipe that is filled with lean protein, B vitamins and flavor! Crockpot Turkey Ingredients: 3 lb frozen turkey breast, thawed (like butterball) 3 cups celery, chopped 3 cups onion, chopped Prepared Gravy Packet Black Pepper Directions: […]

One of the biggest obstacles to exercise is a lack of time! The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150-300 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week for weight management, which seems daunting, right? Just one more thing we have to fit in to our crazy schedule. But I have good news! There are 1,440 minutes […]



Health Happenings

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There’s an app for that? One of our eating behavior musts is to eat slowly! Eating slower helps you to enjoy and savor the food, enjoy the experience of eating, increases satiety or feeling of satisfaction and help recognize when you are full. Eating slowly also helps you eliminate eating as a side activity, for […]

Spending time outside is a great way to become more active after having Lap Band surgery. Gardening is a relaxing pastime, but it is also a great form of physical activity. One leisurely hour tending your garden will burn about 300 calories, while putting a bit more elbow grease into it will burn as much […]



One of the many skills you will learn for weight maintenance is portion control. Maintaining proper portion sizes during your meals will become increasingly important as you approach your goal weight and move into a maintenance situation. Portion control can be challenging at first, but there are ways to reduce the risk of overeating with […]



Do you often worry or feel paralyzed by indecision? Life is full of challenges and setbacks. Everyone faces difficulties in life, and the question isn’t whether you will face setbacks, but how well you cope with them. Even if challenges feel overwhelming, you can become more resilient and capable of handling tough situations. [Read more]



Thanksgiving is about giving thanks for friends, family, home, and food. It’s a time to have an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, and share a meal to health and happiness. If you’re vegan or a curious eater, you might wonder what Thanksgiving can be like without animals. The answer is simple: Go vegan and go adventurous. [Read more]

You wonder why your attempts at losing weight always seem to miss the mark. It’s not for lack of knowing what it takes to shed the pounds. You understand the importance of eating right, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. You also recognize the need to stay dedicated to the plan. And therein may lie the problem: despite your best efforts, you simply get bored with the day-to-day regimen of following strict weight loss protocol. But before you let boredom derail your motivation and progress, why not try putting some excitement into the endeavor? These eight ideas will show you how to make your weight loss journey interesting and fun so you can stay the course, drop the weight, and meet your goals once and for all. [Read more]