Becoming an Assertive Communicator

Bariatric surgery is the most effective weight loss tool, but as you begin your weight loss journey you may find that weight loss surgery has the ability to change more than just your physical health. The process of losing weight, even with weight loss surgery, will require you to be open to change in many aspects of your life. Becoming a more assertive communicator is just one step that you will have to go through to reach your ultimate weight loss goal.

Communicating for Long-Term Wellness

Part of improving your health is finding ways to maintain your healthy habits long term, and this means having strategies in place that can help you overcome negativity and any obstacles that may get in your way. So while so many people become hyper-focused on diet and exercise habits when it comes to losing weight, those are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of skills that you’ll need to develop to keep your health in check. Becoming a stronger and more assertive communicator is another skill that can help you work towards your weight loss goals.

When you are focusing on improving your health you need to keep your best interests at heart. Sometimes this means saying no to a friend who wants to meet for lunch, or defending yourself when a well-meaning aunt wants to load your plate with her famous pie. The best thing you can do in any situation where you are pressured to stray from your weight loss plan is to stand strong and speak up for yourself.

Becoming an assertive communicator does not imply you have to become mean or disrespectful. Practicing “I” statements, meaning statements that are entirely about your personal feelings or desires, is the best way to communicate what you want.  So when you are being pressured to go out to eat, to take a plate of dessert, or to indulge in some other way, remind yourself that you don’t have to give in and politely say no. Even a simple statement like “I really don’t want to stray from my health plan” should be enough to convince a well-meaning friend that you are taking your health seriously, and presents the perfect opportunity for them to support you in your weight loss goal.

Practicing these “I” statements after weight loss surgery is a helpful way to set yourself up for long-term success as you work to reach your ultimate weight loss goal.

Becoming an Assertive Communicator