Cutting Liquid Calories for Weight Loss

You could be making trouble for your weight loss program without ever lifting a fork. There are so many sugary drinks out there that it is actually possible to get your daily calorie allotment met from unhealthy beverages alone—and this isn’t even taking into account drinks like alcohol or milkshakes!

When you get started with a new weight loss program, such as a weight loss surgery program, your weight loss doctor will give you strict guidelines about what you ought to eat and what foods you should avoid to help you along your weight loss journey. While your weight loss operation is likely to help you feel full throughout the day with less food, you are still going to be as thirsty as usual. Switching up your hydration habits to be centered on water is important to help you avoid calorie heavy beverages.

The following types of drinks are typically loaded with extra calories:

  • Sodas
  • Juices
  • Sports Drinks
  • Coffee-based beverages like lattes
  • Iced tea and lemonade

It may come as a bit of surprise to you to realize just how many calories you could be taking in every single day without a second thought. A morning cup of coffee with cream and sugar, a soda or two at lunch, a glass of juice with dinner and maybe another glass of lemonade during the mid-afternoon, and you could be looking at almost 1000 calories a day in liquid consumption alone! Add even a single serving of beer or wine to this daily allotment and you may be shocked to see how many calories you are imbibing daily, without even taking a bite of food.

Cutting high calorie beverages is a great place to start when you are looking to cut unnecessary calories from your diet. By altering your beverage consumption habits you can significantly reduce your caloric intake.

Of course, you need to make sure that you are staying properly hydrated. During your medical weight loss program, try transitioning to zero-calorie beverages that will keep you refreshed and hydrated without adding extra calories to your diet. This includes water, black coffee, tea, diet sodas and sugar-free lemonades or drinks.

Talk to your medical weight loss doctor for specific advice regarding your dietary needs and preferences before making any changes to your dietary plan.

Cutting Liquid Calories for Weight Loss