Exercising Safe in the Summer Heat

As a kid we all longed for summer. It was the best time of the year. The days were long, the weather was warm, and the opportunities were endless. You probably have memories of heading outside in the morning only to come home late in the evening when the sun finally started to go down. You’d run around all day, appreciating every refreshing drink and cold body of water you could find to cool you down. As an adult, however, the dog days of summer tend to not seem so appetizing. The heat becomes a reason to head indoors and to shelter yourself in the AC or run the risk of becoming soaked in sweat.

Your exercise routine can’t take a break just because the sun is out. During the summer months, it can be difficult to find the time to head outdoors and keep up with your workout routine thanks to the long and hot afternoons. When the heat becomes too much to handle, many people head indoors to seek refuge, leaving any ambitions to work out in the summer dust.

Here are some strategies to help you keep up with your exercise plans this summer, despite the heat:

  • Dress for the heat. You may need to change your workout wardrobe to better accommodate the heat during the summer months. Don’t head outside in sweatpants and cotton t-shirts. Stick to moisture-wicking clothes that are designed to remove the sweat from your body. They will help you stay comfortable.
  • Drink water all day. Don’t just grab the water bottle when you are heading out for your workout. You need to stay hydrated all day long. You should be constantly refilling your water bottle to keep hydrated.
  • Wear sunscreen. Protect your skin from the sun to reduce your risk of sunburn. Sunburn will prevent you from being able to keep up with your exercise routine by causing your skin to feel painful to the touch and by further dehydrating you.

You need to listen to your body. If the heat is really getting to you, then you need to head inside. Consider switching up the time of day when you workout so that you can head out in the evening or early morning. This will help you to get your exercise in when it isn’t at the hottest point of the day.

For more guidance on how to stay healthy as you develop a workout routine, talk to your weight loss doctor.

Exercising Safe in the Summer Heat