Health Benefits Of Drinking Water

Water is believed to form about 70% of the earth’s composition. Having such a huge presence, water plays a very crucial role in life itself for all plants and living organisms. Water itself plays an important role in the human body. This water can be readily found in fruits and vegetables and also from beverages. Some of the health benefits of drinking water include:


Healthy skin

The skin acts as a protective layer of the body against UV light from the sun and as well as protecting the inner organs. Water helps in nourishing the skin by helping in excretion of water products through sweating, removing harmful toxins in the skin. Water also prevents the skin from dehydration that would make it appear dry and wrinkly. This brings about the ‘glowing effect’ that is so sought-after by many.


Body temperature regulation

The body has a mechanism for regulating its temperature when it is either too hot or cold. On hot days the body adjusts its temperature by cooling it. This is achieved through sweating. Sweating occurs in the skin, where water that is usually stored in the middle skin layers is released through the pores. When this water evaporates, it brings about a cooling effect. Drinking more water helps cool the body easily and effectively.


Muscle Fuel

The body muscles are made up of many cells that perform the same function. These cells contain fluids and electrolytes as their main components. Water plays a role in maintaining a balance between the two components so as to avoid muscle fatigue. This in turn ensures the muscle functions effectively with little to no fatigue. Staying hydrated during exercise fuels the muscles and reduces fatigue.


Support for bowel movement

The digestion of food requires water for effective bowel movement. Water acts as a lubricant in the gastrointestinal tract. It’s therefore important to have some water before and after meals. A combination of water and fiber content ensures even smoother bowel movement, preventing constipation.


A cure for hangovers

A hangover can be described as an unwanted side effect that occurs after excessive alcohol intake. Some of the symptoms could include fatigue, nausea, headaches and thirst. Alcohol is considered a diuretic. It causes the body to draw more water from itself in order to break down the alcohol components. Drinking water between alcoholic drinks and even before bed allows the body to utilize that water to break down the alcohol, reducing the risk of dehydration and its effects on the body.


It is of importance to stay hydrated at all times, as this will help improve the overall performance of your body and its functions as well as increase longevity. We are advised by experts to have at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. Make a healthy decision, and hydrate.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Water