How to Stay Calm in Times of Change

Change can be unsettling. Whether it is a restructure at work or a major pandemic, sweeping changes bring uncertainty and anxiety. Knowing how to keep your emotions in check is vital to ensure you stay healthy and are able to process change effectively. Here’s how to stay calm in times of change.

Get a Routine in Your Life

When all is not normal around you, it is important to have a routine. Set a few simple things to do such as get up, take a shower and do a little exercise. Set a task to do each day. It can be as easy as tidying your sock drawer or watching a movie you wanted to see for a long time. All these things help set a routine, keep you achieving things and add a little normal behavior in times of change.


Keep the News in Perspective

During times of crisis, news feeds are relentless as they bring constant bad news. This can be overwhelming to people. Listen to the news just once or twice a day. That way you pick up a summary of the latest developments and can process it a lot more easily.

Learn to Relax

Learning a few relaxation techniques will help to calm you in difficult times. Check out mindfulness techniques which focus your thoughts and are calming. Deep breathing exercises are another good method to use to calm yourself. Yoga and Tai Chi are relaxing and help you exercise as well as control your emotions.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital to repair cells and rest. A lack of sleep can make you physically as well as mentally ill, so it is important to get 8 hours of sleep each night. Make sure your room is freshly aired and clean, and avoid having mobile phones in the bedroom as blue light disturbs sleep.

Be Kind to Yourself

When the world is changing dramatically, the news and pace of change can be overwhelming. During these times it is vital that you are kind to yourself. Take time out, have a walk or just do some relaxation. Use the moment to care for you.

Recognize it is OK to not be OK

When significant change happens, it affects people in different ways. Some people need support to manage their emotions and the anxiety they are experiencing. This is normal and it is acceptable to get help. You are not alone, and many people access additional support during a time of crisis. There are a number of ways to access support, ranging from a family doctor to online and phone counseling.

In times of great change, staying in control of your emotions and managing the information around you can be difficult. By using a few tried and tested techniques you will be able to develop coping strategies and support yourself easily.

How to Stay Calm in Times of Change