Simple Ways to Reduce Daily Stress

Stress grows; it builds with each setback you meet during the day. Unless, of course, you manage those everyday stressors before they have a negative impact on you. Rather than let problems bring you down, it’s better to know how to reduce their emotional impact when they occur. You can also develop a positive mindset with helpful habits. Here’s how to do just that.


Breathe deeply

When stressed, you’re liable to experience a sense of panic. Challenges trigger your initial reaction, but the moment you recognize you are anxious you can control your behavior. Panicking doesn’t serve you because during the ensuing state of fight-or-flight, your ability to think straight plummets.

The logic-producing part of your brain gives way to a primitive area responsible for danger management. When calm, however, it’s easy to reason and make smart decisions, and you feel better too.

To reduce stress, it’s helpful to take deep breaths that increase calm. Deep breathing will help you take stock, so you can assess the situation with clarity. It will also afford you time in which to think of what you want to happen. When you react, without considering your options, you might make mistakes. Given enough time and the benefit of calmness, you are in a better position to procure positive results.

Your anxiety will drop as you follow every breath in and out of your body. Build a natural slow rhythm and enjoy the sensation of the expansion and contraction of your lungs. As calm grows, it will be easier to manage stress and become clear-headed.


Find value in setbacks

Most of life’s challenges offer lessons, and stress decreases when you uncover their wisdom. You might miss an appointment, step in a puddle, or be late for work, but perhaps some good came out of the situation.

For example, missing your appointment meant you had time to handle a more important matter, you were wearing waterproof boots – thus proving you already make wise decisions – and had you arrived at the office on time, you would have had to sit through an unproductive, boring meeting.

Silver-linings accompany all challenges. Sometimes, you come to understand how not to do something. At others, you gain another benefit. If you recognize the value of setbacks, you’ll develop a positive mindset. You will train your mind to look on the bright side and find gems in every situation.


Put nutritious foods on the menu

Processed foods can contribute to lethargy and irritability when nutrient poor. They fill you up and leave you feeling heavy and tired without offering health-giving sustenance. A simple way to tell whether foods are processed is to ask yourself if their ingredients are in their natural state. A fresh apple is good for you, for instance, but apple cake filling with added sugar, preservatives, and colors is not so healthy.

Fresh foods, in their natural state, are healthier and provide energy. When your body is happy, it’s easier to develop a positive mood. So put plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and other healthy unprocessed foods on your menu.


Practice gratitude

You are often glad, but sometimes those joy-inspiring moments pass before they’ve influenced your mood. You can make the most of them and prolong them with recognition. Mark these occasions by pausing for reflection. Let them seep into your psyche and enjoy the resulting boost of happy hormone production.

When good news arrives, an event makes you laugh, or you enjoy what you’re doing, stop for a moment. When you bask in gratitude, you’ll build a foundation of feel-good chemicals to combat stress.

You can record pleasant events too. Just before you go to sleep, write about them in a gratitude journal. As they are the last thing on your mind at night, they could have a positive impact on your dreams and soothe anxiety.

When left unattended, daily stress can create unease. So handle everyday setbacks as they happen. Take deep breaths to aid calm and find value in challenges. And if you also eat a healthy diet and practice the art of gratitude, you’ll deal with difficulties without succumbing to pressure.

Simple Ways to Reduce Daily Stress