Snacking Done Right

Constantly thinking about what you can and can’t eat as part of your weight loss program can make you go a little crazy after a while. This is why early on in your weight loss program your weight loss surgeon will help you come up with a strategy to simplify the process as much as possible. When you have a plan in place from the get-go regarding what you can eat and when, you are going to start to feel a lot better about making smart food choices on the go.

One of the biggest misconceptions that so many people have about losing weight is that you have to cut down on how much food you are eating, which will simply leave you hungry. While cutting down on calorie intake does often require cutting down on how much you eat, more often than not you can reduce your hunger by changing the types of foods that you eat.

This is especially important to take into consideration as you are preparing for weight loss surgery. Following your bariatric procedure, dealing with hunger won’t be that big of a deal, as you’ll only feel hungry after long periods of not eating, and you are likely to grow full rather quickly. However, before having weight loss surgery it is a good idea to start introducing those healthy changes that will help you find long-term success. In fact, researchers have found that starting to lose weight prior to starting bariatric surgery can actually propel you to be more successful during your weight loss program.

Changing how you are snacking can change the pace of your weight loss program. Talk to your medical weight loss doctor about the types of snacks that you should keep around as your go-to. Here are a few ideas for healthy snacks that can keep you happy as you lose weight:

  • Try snacking on fruits and vegetables for a nutrient boost and a sweet treat
  • Pack yourself protein rich snacks, like nuts or slices of cheese, to help you stay full without the carbs
  • Talk to your weight loss surgeon about the best protein shakes that you can turn to for a more substantial snack that will remind you of a sweet and refreshing milkshake

While so much attention is often placed on switching to healthier meals, take a bit of time to think about healthy snacks that you can try. When you snack healthily and stay full throughout the day, it becomes easier to stay on track with your weight loss plans come meal time.

Snacking Done Right