Healthy and Scrumptious: Eating Right after Weight Loss Surgery

There is a huge myth out there that is keeping millions of Americans from living a healthy lifestyle, and it is time to put the lies to a rest once and for all. It may be hard to come to terms with the truth, after decades of living in a society that believes something entirely different, but here it is, plain and simple:

Healthy foods taste good.

It’s true! There is a reason that there is an entire industry of healthy foods, why so many people flock towards eating foods that are loaded with all sorts of colorful vegetables and smoothies that are packed with everything from bananas to kale. Eating healthy can taste wonderful! You just need to learn how to find the combinations of healthy food items that tastes the best to you.

Healthy Eating 101: The Basics

A lot of people think that eating a healthy diet is just a combination of different salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is so wrong! While salads can feature in a healthy diet, many salads that you find on menus are actually not that healthy at all, and the plain salads that are often whipped up in the kitchen are so boring that they aren’t going to keep you interested in your healthy diet for long at all.

Instead of thinking in terms of salads, think in terms of ingredients. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of vitamins and nutrients, and so should play a big role in your diet after weight loss surgery. In fact, many fruits and vegetables are probably at the top of the list of items your weight loss surgeon has encouraged you to eat following your operation. The trick to enjoying these food items is being creative with how you prepare them.

Here are a few creative ideas to help you start loving healthy foods:

  • Make your meals colorful by combining ingredients that will look visually appealing together. Use yellow squash with your zucchini, or add beets or red onion to a dish to make it pop.
  • Think of how vegetables can be used to play a creative role. Sweet potatoes can be used instead of a pie crust for a vegetable pot pie. Spaghetti squash or zucchini can be used to make noodles instead of using pasta. Artichokes can be turned into a creamy sauce instead of cheese. These are just a few examples.
  • Think globally to avoid growing bored, and create meals that are inspired by cuisines from all over the world. Rotate your meals throughout the week to keep your palate interested in what’s on your plate.

Before making any changes to your diet following weight loss surgery, make sure to check in with your weight loss surgeon to ensure that you are making the best choices for your health and your body’s needs.

Healthy and Scrumptious: Eating Right after Weight Loss Surgery