3 Strategies for Staying Positive during Weight Loss

To commit to a weight loss program you have to accept that there are things about your body that you want to change, and this can mean starting to critique your body in ways that may eventually turn negative. Staying positive during your weight loss program can help you to stay on track for success as you work towards meeting your weight loss goals. The more positive you can remain, the more motivated you will stay and the greater the results you are going to see.

Here are three simple rules to help you stay happy as you are losing weight:

Rule #1: Be kind to yourself, always.

This is the number one rule because once you master this, everything else will fall into place. Being kind to yourself means allowing yourself to take risks as needed, to encourage yourself when times are tough, and to let yourself off the hook when you don’t do something perfectly. Be kind to yourself by saying kind words to yourself in the mirror, shutting down negative thoughts as they start to build in your mind, and always giving yourself another chance.

Rule #2: Focus on building lifestyle changes.

The problem with focusing on diets is that they are by their nature restrictive and negative. Diets focus on what you cannot have, and so you are more likely to dwell on the negatives as you focus on being on a diet. Instead of thinking about what you can’t have, think about the new things you can have. Focus your energy on the positive changes that you are welcoming into your life, and why you’ve made those changes in the first place.

Rule #3: Don’t dwell on the scale.

Leave the regular weigh-ins to your medical weight loss doctor, and focus instead on following your new weight loss meal plan and the other healthy changes that you have committed to. If stepping on the scale daily makes you feel good, then go for it! But if it is something that causes you grief and stress, then let it go. Focus on being healthy and happy.

These three simple rules for staying positive can have a big impact on your ability to lose weight and stay motivated during your weight loss program. For more advice, talk to your weight loss surgeon.

3 Strategies for Staying Positive during Weight Loss