Age & Weight Gain

A connection that time will tell

There are some aspects of life that are almost inevitable. Benjamin Franklin once said that the only things certain in life are death and taxes, but there is one other part of life that could probably be added to this old adage: weight gain. Going through life without facing any issues of weight gain is difficult to impossible to attain. Even those who put a lot of energy into managing their weight with regular exercise and a controlled diet are likely to face weight gain time to time. The question is how does one manage it when it is happening, and what can be done about it once the damage is done?

The Time for Weight Gain

Research has found that there is one period of life that is more likely to leave you feeling heavier at the end of it than any other. Sure, you’ve heard about the freshman 15—that tendency for newly minted adults to put on a bit of weight their first year out of the home. But there is actually another period of life that is marked by even more certain weight gain, and that is the decade from the age of 29 to 39.

It is no surprise that this decade is full of many changes for most people. From your mid-twenties to the entrance to your forties, you are likely confronted with a lot of different life changes. This is the decade of life that is most frequently marked by settling into a career, purchasing a home and starting a family. These are all pretty big changes, and may result in a little less time spent on thinking about healthy eating strategies or exercise routines.

Researchers have found that this decade in particular is marked by consistent weight gain across most populations, with women gaining at least 7 lbs over the course of these 10 years, and men gaining at least 15 lbs.

If you have reached the other end of this decade and realize that you are a pant size or two larger than you were at the start, then working with a medical weight loss doctor could be a good solution to help you get back on track with healthy weight management. For those who have struggled with a bit more weight gain, weight loss surgery may be a healthy option. Discussing your options with your weight loss surgeon is the right first step to find out what is best for you.

Age & Weight Gain