Avoiding Cravings from the Gut

Have you ever been committed to a diet, only to find yourself being led irresistibly to something that you know you shouldn’t eat? It’s like there is a voice inside your head telling you to give in and indulge in your favorite snacks.

Well, as it turns out, that little voice isn’t in your head at all—it is in your gut. And it isn’t just a voice. It is a bacteria that is dictating the types of cravings that you are experiencing, making it even more difficult to manage your diet and eat healthy, regardless of your level of personal commitment to reaching your goals.

The Science Behind the Problem

The constant rise of obesity rates in the United States has led scientists to start exploring the different biological issues that may be influencing weight gain, as well as the issues that may seemingly prevent some people from being able to lose weight. With this ambition in mind, scientists have now identified a potential cause in the gut for issues with obesity. Specifically, there are certain types of bacteria that commonly live in the gut, and these bacteria can cause severe cravings for highly specific foods.

This means that your deep desire for a donut or the seemingly irresistible craving for a burger and fries as you pass your favorite fast food restaurant are not simply due to a weak resolve on your part. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you—it’s your gut! Knowing this can give you the upper hand as you attempt to overcome this additional obstacle that may be preventing you from being successful with your weight loss goals.

In most cases, listening to your body is a good thing. But when it comes to different cravings from the bacteria in your gut, you may need to read in between the lines. These cravings are spurred by the bacteria’s desire for a certain type of nutrient. However, the foods that first come to your mind when you experience that craving may not be the best-suited foods to deliver that nutrient to your body.

So, think instead of how you can match that type of flavor. If you have the sudden and irresistible craving for a burger and fries, consider something salty and filling that could satisfy you without breaking your weight loss plan. The same goes for that craving for a milkshake or a candy bar. Perhaps a sweet piece of fruit is what you actually need.  Out-thinking those cravings is the best way to keep yourself on track with your weight loss goals.

Avoiding Cravings from the Gut