No More Excuses!

When you really break it down, losing weight isn’t all too complicated. It requires moving more and eating less. The complication comes in managing those two feats. On the one hand, limiting your diet is difficult in that it brings on issues like hunger and forces you to combat cravings. On the other hand, however, is finding the motivation to exercise regularly. For those who haven’t spent much time exercising in the past, getting started with this healthy habit can be particularly difficult.

Making Time to Exercise

If you don’t want to exercise, it becomes really easy to find about a million and one excuses as to why it isn’t going to work out. One of the easiest excuses to find is that you don’t have the right tools, the right place, or the best time to complete a great workout. The thing is, however, that a great workout is the one that you can fit into your schedule. That means that whatever you can accomplish is a great step, and you can work on improving your effort and outcomes as time goes on.

Instead of making a bunch of excuses for your workout, try making your workout more convenient by making physical activity a more common aspect of your day to day life. Here are a few strategies that may be able to help:

  1. Think about what activities are possible to fit into your day, and what materials you already have. There is no reason to invest in a fancy gym membership across town.
  2. Make your workout plans more convenient by finding activities you can do at home or within your own neighborhood.
  3. Work your workout plans into your social life by making plans with friends or family members to work out with you.
  4. Build small bursts of activity into your day with quick walks or cardio breaks while at work or out running errands.

Finding ways to make your workouts more convenient can help make physical activity a more regular part of your life. The best way to develop a sustainable exercise habit is to develop a plan that makes sense for your lifestyle, and to find something that you enjoy doing. When you are having fun working out it won’t feel so much like a chore. Take some time to consider what workout makes the most sense for you before committing to any one type of workout. And of course, consult with your weight loss surgeon before trying anything new.

No More Excuses!