Pilates: Your Essential Ally for Weight Loss Success

Pilates is a system of exercises which focuses on flexibility, lean muscle, and good posture. It also shares many of the mental discipline aspects of yoga, and when practiced regularly it can bring significant health benefits across many areas of your life.

If you’re trying to lose weight, Pilates makes an excellent ally to your current diet program, offering these five strong benefits to help lead you into a slimmer future.

1) Active Exercise

No matter which form of diet plan you follow, exercise is an essential part of long-term success. Pilates isn’t the most intensive form of exercise – it won’t come anywhere close to an hour of cardio for burning calories – but it’s still a useful addition to your routine.

A typical person will use up about 300 calories per Pilates session, which can be significant in maintaining a healthy weight even if it doesn’t shed the pounds at high speed. However, simple calorie expenditure isn’t the main attraction of Pilates as an exercise form.

2) Raised Metabolic Rate

The lean muscle which Pilates promotes is active tissue which the body needs to work to maintain, unlike fat which is a mostly inert store of energy. Having more lean muscle in your body is a great way of upping your resting metabolic rate, meaning you burn off more calories just to get through the day, whether you’re physically active or not.

A higher metabolic rate will increase the benefits of any diet plan which relies on controlling calories, and Pilates is a totally natural way of achieving it.

3) More Even Fat Distribution

A greater proportion of lean muscle also has an effect on the way your body stores excess fat. When your entire body is fitter and more active, fat will be spread more evenly rather than bulging up around your belly or thighs. You may not see this effect when you stand on the bathroom scales, but you’ll certainly see it in the mirror.

4) Better Poise

Pilates also works to increase the poise and litheness of your body. You’ll feel freer in your movements, and exercising will become easier and more enjoyable. Not only does this make maintaining an exercise regimen more realistic for the long term, but your better posture and more graceful movements will accentuate your increasingly slimmer figure.

5) Increased Mindfulness

Lastly, Pilates also involves mental techniques to go with the physical exercise. The more you practice, the more awareness you’ll have of your body and the way it feels in the moment. This increased mindfulness helps you take pleasure in feeling healthy and vital, encouraging your weight loss efforts even when you’re tempted by sugary treats.

If you’re looking to burn off fat in double time, losing pounds and pounds every week, then Pilates may not be the most effective route to take. But research shows that such weight loss is rarely sustainable, and people who lose weight too quickly often rebound to wind up in an even worse situation than when they started.

With Pilates, you’ll have a slower but more effective strategy that’ll help you keep a slimmer figure for years to come, boosting the effects of whichever diet regimen you follow alongside it.

Pilates: Your Essential Ally for Weight Loss Success