Weight Loss: One Step at a Time

The larger your weight loss goal, the more stressful it can be to think about the big picture. When you’ve struggled with obesity for a long time it can be hard to think about the end game—actually reaching your weight loss goal and being at the weight that you’ve wanted to reach for so long. When you make the choice to get weight loss surgery, you are taking a big step in the right direction, but even then it is just one step. This is the key to making your weight loss goal a reality: you need to take it one step at a time. This includes achieving the healthy habits that you want to practice to help you reach your weight loss goal.

The good news is that as you start building those healthy habits, even those small steps can help you on your path to a healthier lifestyle. A recent study out of the University of Texas found that even just working out one time can have a big impact on your metabolic health, actually helping your body to burn calories for up to 48 hours after you have finished your workout. This means that even getting to the gym one time per week is worth the hassle, despite the fact that it might not feel like you are reaching your goals.

One of the biggest detractors to your weight loss success is going to be negative thoughts. When you are feeling frustrated or unmotivated, or that you aren’t able to do enough to reach that large goal, you need to take a step back and think about the little things that you can do that can make a small difference in your wellness plan. The fact that just one workout can have such a huge impact on your metabolism, actually making it easier to burn calories for several days following your exercise session, should be a huge motivational factor in helping you to get out the door to work out as many times as possible throughout the week.

The trick to reaching your weight loss goal is to keep taking small steps forward. Try finding a simple workout that you can do from home, like by following a workout video online or by taking a walk through your neighborhood. Talk to your weight loss surgeon for more guidance as to how you can get started making healthier choices. The little things that you do every day can really add up and help you to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss: One Step at a Time