Communicate your Farewell to Obesity

Strong communication is always the key to success. It’s true in relationships, in the workplace, and it is true when it comes to your health. After having weight loss surgery, communicating your needs to your friends and family will help you to keep your focus and will provide you with enhanced support from the people in your life from whom you depend on the most.

The Importance of Communication

Being a strong communicator can enhance your weight loss program, making it easier for you to lose weight by improving your relationships and your ability to communicate your needs with those surrounding you. Not all weight loss habits are directly connected to diet and exercise. Some of the most essential weight loss habits are mental habits, things that you do every day that interfere with how well you are able to manage your time or deal with social interactions.

Communication is the glue that keeps relationships together—including your relationship with food and your weight loss program. But communication is a two-way street. The best communicators are adept at doing much more than sharing their feelings and ideas. In addition to being able to talk, effective communicators know how to listen and are skilled at being reflective, empathetic, and are willing and ready to invest in themselves and others to reach their goal.

Tips on Improving Communication

Think about what you want to share with others, as well as what you expect of others. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind:

  • Before you share, think carefully about how you will phrase your ideas and be as clear as possible.
  • Do your best to say exactly what you mean. By being honest and straightforward upfront you can prevent uncomfortable and awkward issues of miscommunication in the future.
  • Finally, choose carefully who you want to share with, and be open-minded with your friends and family members when they share their thoughts or concerns with you. Part of being able to talk to a friend is being able to listen to that friend.

If you have trouble coming up with the words to say, or aren’t sure how to find the right moment in conversation, consider using technology as a crutch. Reaching out to a close friend through text messaging or an e-mail is a great way to provide yourself with the opportunity to say exactly what you want, and communicate your needs on your terms.

Communicate your Farewell to Obesity