Finding Motivation for Weight Loss Success

What motivates you to reach your goals? For some people it is a family member, for others, it is an internal desire to see yourself how you once were—to reach a goal that was once a normal way of life. There are many common motivational factors that we all share, such as the love of family, our personal health, or accomplishments that we want to earn in this lifetime. While common at face value, these motivational factors are highly personal, and to find the piece of motivation that will push yourself towards reaching your goals you need to look within.

Motivation: Where to Find it?

Motivation is one of those words that is thrown around a lot, without much thought actually being put to what it means. Motivation is a feeling of interest or enthusiasm towards something important to you, something that you want to achieve or change. But more than that, motivation refers to the social, biological, emotional, or cognitive factors that direct an individual’s behavior.

So when you are feeling unmotivated or have lost your focus and don’t know how to restart, finding a source of motivation can be a huge help. Where to look for motivation depends on who you are, and exactly what you are trying to achieve.

If you need a bit of motivation to push yourself towards reaching your goals, it may be helpful to look to those who know you best to help guide you.

Here are a few strategies for finding your motivation:

  • Talk to your closest friends and family members and ask them to encourage you to stay focused with positive feedback about your progress. Let them know what type of comments make you feel positive and motivated, and ask them to be supportive of you in this way.
  • Focus on the things that have made you happiest in your past, and think about ways that you can incorporate those things into your life currently. Sign up for a dance class or see if there is a team forming for your favorite sport and get involved as you get active. Being engaged in community programs is a great way to find exercise motivation.

Motivational forces are a good thing to think about early on in your weight loss journey. Know ahead of time that you will need motivation along the way, and think of solutions as to where you can find it.

Motivation can come from:

  • Loved ones
  • Weight loss surgeon
  • A weight loss support group
  • Friends who have found success in their own weight loss journeys.

Motivation can also come from your health, from photos of you at your old weight, or from pictures of people who are inspiring to you. Knowing what helps motivate you can keep you focused as you move forward with your weight loss goals.

Finding Motivation for Weight Loss Success