5 House Chores That Burn Calories

Chores never sound fun. Sometimes you might need a little extra motivation to get that housework done, and what better motivation than getting the win-win of a bit of exercise and calorie burning as well? House chores burn a surprising amount of calories, so you can feel extra productive after tasks like vacuuming, scrubbing, or just tidying up.


Vacuuming, Sweeping, and Mopping

Maybe knowing how many calories vacuuming and sweeping burn will give you the motivation you need to do it more often! These along with mopping can burn around 175 calories every hour. If you pump up your pace, you can burn even more calories in a shorter amount of time. What better motivation to get these chores done quickly and frequently?


Scrubbing the Shower

Scrubbing the shower is one of those household chores that everyone dreads. You might be relieved to know that it can burn up to 250 calories per hour. Since scrubbing the shower takes an average of 30 minutes, you’re likely to burn 125 calories doing this chore. Granted it’s only recommended to do this chore once a week, those calories will add up before you know it.


Light Tidying

Light tidying can include small chores like picking up around the house, dusting, making your bed, and more. An hour of dusting will burn on average 150 calories, and while you won’t spend the whole hour dusting, picking up around the house is a similar action. You could probably do this one every day, which would burn the same amount of calories as a mile and a half walk.


Rearranging Furniture

You won’t do this one every week, but rearranging furniture burns a surprising amount of calories. The average person will burn 400 calories moving furniture for an hour. This is similar to an hour long intense strength workout. Be careful, however, and make sure you’re strong enough to take on the task of moving heavy furniture yourself. Burning calories isn’t worth hurting your back.


Yard Work and Gardening

Yard work is excellent for burning calories. Mowing the lawn with a push mower burns an average of 300 calories per hour, and gardening can burn an average of 200 calories per hour. More intense yard work such as moving heavy rocks or hauling dirt can burn an average of 500 calories per hour!


When doing any physical exercise, it’s important to watch your heart rate and make sure you’re not working yourself too hard. Though you’re just cleaning your house, staying active for so long is a true workout and poses the same risks. To get the most out of your cleaning, stay active for the full duration of your tidying unless you feel you need to take a break from the workout. Stay hydrated, work hard, and you’ll be burning plenty of calories while doing these everyday house chores.

5 House Chores That Burn Calories