After Weight Loss Surgery, Try Rec Sports

After Weight Loss Surgery, Try Rec SportsExercise is an important factor to consider after having weight loss surgery. When you make the choice to get any bariatric procedure, you are making the choice to set yourself up for a healthier future. This means adopting healthier habits as part of your everyday routine.

The best way to stick to a new habit is to make sure that the habit is something you are willing to do. Vitamins are easy to take every day if you like the way they taste. Similarly, eating healthy isn’t a big deal at all if you find yourself craving those healthy foods. So when it comes to planning out your exercise routine, it only makes sense to take the same approach and to fill your schedule with activities that will keep you on your feet while having fun. Rec sports are a great place to start.

What to Expect with Rec Sports

Don’t worry about being too new to a sport, not being athletic enough, or not knowing anyone else on the team. Rec sports are designed to address all of those issues. There are a wide variety of sports available, and you can sign up at absolutely any level, from the beginner “fun only” leagues to the more competitive amateur athlete teams.

Most cities have rec leagues available for sports like:

  • Soccer
  • Kickball
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Flag football

And if you don’t have a friend to sign up with you, even better. Rec sports are great at bringing people together. There is no better way to make new friends as an adult than to sign up for a rec league and to force yourself to get to know your teammates. In fact, a few weeks into your season you may forget that you haven’t known your teammates for much longer than you have.

If you do have a group of friends who are all trying to stay healthy and active together, then most leagues have an option for you as well. Sign up to create a team of people you already know, and benefit from having a scheduled time and place where you can meet up to be active at least once a week.

Rec sports are a great way to keep active after weight loss surgery. You don’t have to be great at first. Just go ahead and join with the intention of being active, learning something new, and making new friends. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy being part of a team!

After Weight Loss Surgery, Try Rec Sports