Avoid Counterproductive Exercise Mindset

Avoid Counterproductive Exercise MindsetExercise plays a very important role in weight loss and weight maintenance. Nowadays many exercise machines calculate total calories burned while exercising. However, it’s important to note that the number of calories listed on your machine at the end of your workout is an estimate, it does not take into account your age, gender, muscle to fat ratio, whether you put your hands on the rails, hop off the machine for a second, etc.

All of these factors impact the total number of calories burned while exercising. It’s very easy to get the mindset of: “I’ve exercised, I deserve this”. Or “it’s ok to eat a larger meal because I burned 300 calories at the gym”.  This is a very counterproductive mindset to have when trying to lose or maintain weight! Instead view calories burned while exercising as extra help to lose weight, rather than extra food to add to the day!

Avoid Counterproductive Exercise Mindset

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