Communicating for Weight Loss

It is one thing to go through the mental effort of convincing yourself that this weight loss program is going to be the one that works for you—that this time the effort will pay off, and that the effort you are putting in is going to be worth your while. Once you bring your new healthy habits into your workplace and social circle, you begin to open yourself to outside criticism and commentary, and this can create additional stress.

Practicing strong communication skills when it comes to your weight loss efforts can help you to avoid unneeded stress in conversations with friends and co-workers. Use some of the strategies listed below to combat some of the most common negative thoughts that you are likely to be confronted with as you lose weight:

  1. Be prepared for people to suggest that you are permitted a “cheat day,” and be ready to tell them no. Loved ones mean well, and they will likely not intend to insult or derail you by suggesting you take a cheat day, but the reality is that straying from your weight loss diet once makes it easier to do it again and again, and you are better off sticking to the plan at all times.
  2. Be prepared for criticisms, and recounts of failed attempts. With two-thirds of the adult population overweight or obese, most people have tried losing weight in the past and failed. Undoubtedly someone will tell you that they tried something similar to your new program. Whether it is true or not, remember that their story is just that—theirs. You need to focus on yourself if you are going to reach your own weight loss goals.
  3. Be prepared for uncomfortable questions, and the judgment that will come with those questions. Once you are public about the fact that you are trying to lose weight, someone is going to ask you exactly how much you are trying to lose, and how much you’ve lost so far. This may be something you are excited to share, or it may be something you want to keep private. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to share any information outside of what you are comfortable with.

Communicating your weight loss goals can help you to keep a clear mind as you are trying to lose weight after weight loss surgery. Remember that you can be as open or as private as you prefer and that anything anyone else has to say about the process doesn’t actually effect your ability to lose weight. For more support and guidance as you are working your way through your weight loss program, turn to your weight loss surgeon.

Communicating for Weight Loss