Creating Goals for the New Year

Creating Goals for the New YearThe New Year is a great time to refocus our health goals, and set some resolutions for the upcoming year.  Long term goals such as lose 50 pounds,  exercise 5 days a week, or weekly meal prep are great things to work towards, but it is also important to set small attainable goals that can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time. Setting smaller goals eases some of the pressure as well as makes you feel a sense of accomplishment while working towards your overall goal for 2016. Make sure when you meet your short-term goal you then build upon that and set a new goal for the following month.

For example a great goal for 2016 would be to completing a race (5K, 10K, half or full-marathon- all are great accomplishments!). Setting monthly goals to help you reach your long term goal, like increase speed, improve time, or run a longer distance will help you reach your long term goal and stay motivated during the process. As added incentive think of non-food rewards to celebrate meeting your short-term goals!

Creating Goals for the New Year

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