Drink it Up: Why Water Matters after Weight Loss Surgery

Drink it Up Why Water Matters after Weight Loss SurgeryIt is physically impossible for any of us to live without water, yet it is pretty much the last thing that we opt for when it comes to quenching our daily thirst. Coffee, soda, tea, fruit juice—these favorites put water to shame when it comes to loading up on caffeine and sugar, and so water is often pushed to second-fiddle, the free drink that we go for when there aren’t any other options.

Most of your favorite beverages are likely made of water. This is especially true of drinks like coffee and tea. But as soon as you stew those tea leaves or brew that water through coffee grounds, the drink loses some of its function. Coffee and tea are actually diuretics. This means that while you are drinking them, you are actually increasing your body’s need for water. These drinks cause further dehydration, rather than actually help reduce your thirst.

Water loss from the body

If we are to put it in a nutshell, water produces energy, helps in the creation of new cells, lubrication of joints and supports proper bowel function. Because it is used in so many fundamental functions of our daily existence, we lose water with pretty much everything we do. If you take a walk around Atlanta in the middle of the day and it won’t take long for you to notice water starting to leave your body as sweat. To maintain optimal health you need to constantly replace those lost fluids. Drinking water is the best way to do this for several reasons.

Here is a quick breakdown of the benefits of drinking water:

  • Water is calorie free. After weight loss surgery you need to be extra careful not to consume empty calories. Drinking sugary and calorie heavy drinks might inhibit your weight loss progress.
  • Water supports body function. When you consume water in its pure form you are giving your body directly what it needs for optimal health.
  • Water supports a clear complexion. In addition to supporting bodily functions and overall wellbeing, water improves complexion and supports clear skin.
  • Water will keep you hydrated and prevent cramping. This is really important as you are losing weight and are working out. Water will support muscle strength and function.

After weight loss surgery, you’ll have to make an effort to drink enough water. Most adults require at least 60 ounces daily to maintain optimal health, but after you have your surgery you won’t be able to just down water by the bottle. Instead, you’ll want to take small sips of water frequently throughout the day to maintain a proper level of hydration. Your weight loss surgeon and nutrition specialist will give you specific advice in what to eat and drink as you recover from surgery and lose weight, and it is important that you follow those guidelines directly.

Drink it Up: Why Water Matters after Weight Loss Surgery