Fad Diet Alert! Weight Loss is not a Fiesta

Once you start looking into weight loss advice, it is rare to come across something that actually sounds new. To lose weight you need to eat less and move more. Weight loss surgery enhances your weight loss potential by adjusting your appetite, helping you to make better dietary choices by interfering with constant feelings of hunger that make it difficult to avoid snacking and cut down on calories. This is what works, and this is why working with a weight loss doctor can help you be successful.

Well, even those who have been involved in the weight loss industry for decades may have scratched their heads a bit when the latest dietary ideas made headlines. There is an emerging diet trend that is getting a lot of people excited across the USA, but has a lot of weight loss experts feeling skeptic about the proclaimed success and merits of the program. The diet plan is called the Mexican food diet, and the proponents claim the idea is that dieters limit their intake to include only Mexican food dishes, and the result will be instantaneous and glorious weight loss.

Hold the Salsa: Not so Fast!

Before you jump onto this taco-fueled bandwagon, take a moment and really think about what this dietary trend is suggesting. Mexican food is notoriously unhealthy. Sure, there are some aspects of Mexican dishes that are healthy and great, beans and vegetables definitely have a role in a healthy and well-balanced diet, but Mexican dishes as we know them are often not healthy. Dishes loaded with sour cream and cheese, not to mention layered in fried corn, are not exactly helpful for weight loss.

This is why this particular diet trend has made such a splash across the Internet, as skeptic dieters and weight loss experts alike are asking a pronounced “really!?” regarding these dietary claims.

One of the biggest problems with the Mexican food diet is that it succumbs to the primary issue that so many other fad diets are prone to. The headlines over-simplify the diet’s main idea, and then is extrapolated to mean something it isn’t. The idea behind the Mexican diet is to eat more local, rural foods. This includes dishes that are loaded with vegetables and beans, and are seasoned with spices to make them more enjoyable and even a little spicy. Switching your diet to eat in this way puts it in line with many other bits of dietary advice. But the headlines read “eat Mexican food,” and to most Americans this means tacos, guacamole, and over-stuffed burritos.

Weight loss surgery is the most successful method for encouraging weight loss. Once you make the decision to have weight loss surgery, work with your weight loss surgeon to come up with a dietary strategy that makes sense for your needs and avoid falling for any of the hype surrounding the latest fad diet trend.

Fad Diet Alert! Weight Loss is not a Fiesta