Finding Healthy Options during the Summer

Finding Healthy Options during the SummerWith summer in full swing it’s easy to slip out of a daily eating routine. Vacations, summer holidays, family get-togethers, etc. can affect our ability to plan and control meal times and the foods available. One of the best ways to avoid being in a situation where it’s lunch time, you’re hungry and the only food available is snack bar hotdog and fries or a snow cone, is to plan ahead and come up with meal replacements that travel well!

My number one recommendation is a protein shake. Pre-bottled protein shakes don’t need to be refrigerated until opened  and are great sources of filling protein while being low in calories and fat (depending on the brand you choose). There are many great options for protein shakes available in grocery stores, vitamin shops, convenience stores, online and more. Always check the nutrition label before purchasing! A good guideline to follow is: try and keep your protein shakes around 200 calories or less, while providing at least 20-30 grams of protein. Some great options that meet these nutrient goals:

1. Premiere Protein           160 calories, 30 grams of protein
2. Pure Protein                  110-120 calories, 23 grams of protein
3. Organic Protein             150 calories, 25 grams of protein

Always check the nutrition label before purchasing! Protein shakes can easily go from great options to high calorie beverages with moderate amounts of protein. Smoothies labeled with protein, or protein shakes designed for weight lifters often reach close to or over the 300 calorie mark while delivering less protein.

Other great options for grab-and-go meals:

  1. Greek Yogurt (80-110 calories; 12-14g protein) + 1 small apple (80 calories) + 1 light string cheese (50 calories; 6-9 grams of protein) 210-240 calories; 18-23g protein
  2. Quest Protein bar (190 calories; 20g protein) + 1 small banana (110 calories) total: 300 calories; 20 g protein
  3. Tuna Packets 2.6oz pouch (80 calories; 16g protein) + 3 stalks celery (18 calories) + Sabra single serving hummus 20z (130 calories; 4g protein) total: 228 calories; 20g protein)

Finding Healthy Options during the Summer