For Weight Loss, Think Happy Thoughts

What has held you back from losing weight in the past? Is it your dietary habits? Maybe you dislike the gym, or perhaps you have trouble finding time in your schedule to fit in a healthy workout regularly, even though you would love to exercise more.

There are all sorts of reasons as to why weight loss programs fail. But it only takes one reason to really make your weight loss program work. When you are motivated and you are willing to change, then you can make anything happen.

Weight loss surgery isn’t like other weight loss programs. With ongoing support from your weight loss surgeon and medical weight loss support team, all you need to do is keep on track with what you are encouraged to do: make healthier choices, follow your prescribed diet plan and get out and exercise more.

Unfortunately, making these healthy choices doesn’t always come easily—even when you are surrounded by support. There are toxic thought patterns that can prevent you from reaching your potential, leaving you unmotivated and unfocused. As you embark on your healthier lifestyle by taking the first steps in preparation for your bariatric procedure, it is a good idea to reflect on the type of thought patterns that have governed your weight loss experiences in the past and to consider what you may need to change mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

Here are a few examples of the types of thought patterns that can interfere with your ability to lose weight:

Perfectionism: The problem with perfectionism is that it is often linked with a fear of failure. Rather than focus on what you can do to reach your goal and find some level of success, many who struggle with perfectionistic thoughts would rather not try at all rather than come up short. This can discourage you from trying as you encounter obstacles along your weight loss journey.

Negative self-talk: As you move forward along your weight loss journey, you need to be your own biggest fan. It is great if you have a supportive family to help you along, but you can’t expect those around you to always combat the negative things you say about yourself. Appreciate where you are now as you move forward and be nice to yourself.

Comparing yourself to others: You are the only you there is, and no matter who comes through your path and what attributes you’d like to change, you need to focus on what is best for you. Everyone has different circumstances. While encouraging a friend as you lose weight together is great for accountability, you can’t constantly compare your progress. You are two different people, and will reach your goals at different speeds and in different ways.

As you try to lose weight after having weight loss surgery, do your best to think positively and to let go of any of these negative thinking patterns that could be holding you back.

For Weight Loss, Think Happy Thoughts