Four Benefits To Using an Elliptical Machine

The elliptical trainer is a gym staple. These exercise machines are virtually ubiquitous. While many gym-goers walk by the elliptical machines without ever considering using them, elliptical machines can be a great way to exercise. Here are the four important advantages of working out on an elliptical machine.

  1. Low-impact exercise.

Elliptical machines are specifically designed to be gentle on the body. There are no jarring, up-and-down movements imparting heavy impact to the joints, such as in running and other popular forms of aerobic exercise. On an elliptical machine, the forces applied to the hips, knees, and ankles are slight, since there is no shock being sent up the leg with each footfall.

  1. Easily accessible.

The low-impact nature of exercise on an elliptical trainer means that just about anyone can use these machines. Elliptical workouts are particularly valuable for older folks, anyone with joint problems, people who are overweight and anyone not in the habit of regular exercise. Plus, elliptical machines are very simple. There is no learning curve, since it is obvious how an elliptical should be used.

  1. A good aerobic workout.

The problem with many low-impact exercises is that they don’t provide great exercise. Walking, for example, is very low-impact but doesn’t exactly get the heart pumping hard. Not so with an elliptical trainer, which allows exercisers to push themselves as hard as they want. This fact means that while elliptical machines may be great for older folks and those not in peak physical condition, they have a lot to offer to fitness enthusiasts as well.

  1. A full-body workout.

An elliptical machine doesn’t just target the lower body. Besides the legs and hips, the chest, back, core, and arms can also be activated if the handlebars are actively used. Since they allow so many different muscles to be worked at the same time, an elliptical trainer makes for a highly efficient form of exercise. Some elliptical trainers allow the pedals to be pushed backwards, offering further variety in the muscle groups worked.

Elliptical trainers may not play much of a role in the latest fitness trends, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still effective. The elliptical machine is a classic for a reason, and provides a mode of exercise that more people should take advantage of.

Four Benefits To Using an Elliptical Machine