Get Creative with your Meals

Get Creative with your MealsOften times healthy eating is associated with boring or repetitive, but, there are lots of great ways to get creative with our meals without sacrificing nutrition and sabotaging health and wellness goals. For the month of May challenge yourself to find ways to mix up you eating routine; incorporate a new fruit or vegetable, try a new recipe, play around with different spices and herbs, small changes can break the boredom and make eating healthy more enjoyable. The more we look forward to a healthy meal, and the more enjoyable that meal is, the less likely we are to give into cravings or binge!

May Healthy Habit – get creative with your meals by either:

1. Play around with spices, herbs, sauces and seasonings – try a new marinate to make a chicken dish more exciting, add coconut shavings to your Greek yogurt, switch up the fruits you use in your smoothie, or give a new dressing a chance to revive a boring salad. Small flavor changes can make an old dish feel new and a lot more enjoyable!

2. Look for healthy swaps that can increase the nutrient density of a meal, but satisfy a craving at the same time.

  • Instead of regular pasta try black bean, lentil or edemame noodles
  • Rather than wheat toast in the morning give sweet potato toast topped with almond butter a try
  • Cauliflower rice is a great, healthy alternative to white rice
  • Greek yogurt and avocado can be used as a fat substitute in a lot of recipes

Get Creative with your Meals