Getting Physical After Weight Loss Surgery

Getting Physical After Weight Loss SurgeryObesity is a life-long condition for far too many people. Even if you have struggled with obesity for the majority of your life, there are steps that you can take to overcome weight gain and finally achieve a healthy weight level. Weight loss surgery is considered one of the most helpful and successful aids in overcoming long-term obesity.

Bariatric surgery isn’t a quick fix to a little bit of excess weight. It is a long-term strategy that can be used to make fundamental changes in your life. For the results to really show, those changes need to be just as mental as they are physical. This is why after weight loss surgery it is so important that you begin a regular workout routine that will help you stay active and healthy as you steadily lose weight.

Springtime for Weight Loss

Your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle may never be easier than it is in the springtime, when themes of rebirth and renewal are echoed through the skies. As the flowers begin to bloom and trees spring back to life after the long and dormant winter, it is easy to find inspiration and support around every corner. There is no better time of the year to step outside and take advantage of the blooming season surrounding you as a source of encouragement as you work on living a healthier lifestyle.

Once your weight loss surgeon clears you for physical activity, you can get active this spring by taking advantage of a few of the following fun workout ideas:

  • Take a day out of your weekend and head to a local park. The historic Piedmont Park or the scenic Grant Park are both great day-long escapes that you can take without leaving Atlanta. Enjoy a healthy picnic while there, and then spend some time walking around. Use your pedometer to count how many steps you take as you explore and appreciate springtime at the park.
  • Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood to enjoy the peaceful and mild evenings of the springtime. If you aren’t thrilled about biking around your local stomping grounds, consider taking your bike to a local trail.
  • Yoga is a great form of weight-resistance training that you can start working on just a few months after weight loss surgery. This can be done inside or outside, but during the springtime you might want to consider taking your mat outdoors to enjoy some stretching and muscle building in the cool spring air.

After getting weight loss surgery, the best type of exercise for you will depend a lot on your stage of recovery. While you want to stick to very low-impact activities when you are just two to four weeks out of weight loss surgery, after a couple of months you can start working out at a moderate intensity level. For more help determining the best type of work out for your recovery, talk with your weight loss surgeon.

Getting Physical After Weight Loss Surgery