Jumpstart your Activity Level

Jumpstart your Activity LevelDon’t wait until 2016 to start exercising! If you find yourself saying “I’ll start exercising tomorrow/next month/in the New Year” here are some tips to jumpstart your New Year’s resolutions to get active!

  1. Find a workout buddy: working out with a friend or family member can make your workout time go by much faster while also providing an accountability partner- making you less likely to cancel.
  2. Switch it up: walking 5 days a week or doing the same exercises over and over again can be both boring and ineffective. Try a group fitness class, an exercise video or stretching exercises to work new muscles and stay focused.
  3. Reward yourself: go see a movie, buy a new book, watch your favorite TV show, sleep in, or whatever (non-food reward) will make you happy!
  4. Create an upbeat soundtrack: listening to a good playlist can provide a good distraction during a workout, while helping you get “in the zone” to work harder.
  5. Short and sweet: dreading the thought of a 30 or 60 minute workout? Try incorporating 10-15 minutes of exercising once or twice a day. Shorter, more intense workouts can help more effectively burn fat and are easier to fit into a busy schedule!

Jumpstart your Activity Level

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