Learn to Love Your Lap Band Diet

Learn to Love Lap Band DietWhen you think about the main reason you decided to turn to weight loss surgery in Atlanta, Georgia and finally overcome your battle with weight gain, what comes to mind? Were you tired of living a sedentary lifestyle, sick of your depression dictating what you ate, or fed up with an ongoing love affair with unhealthy foods? No matter the reason—you’ve finally made a decision to take charge of your future health once and for all and by doing so you’ve agreed to make several necessary lifestyle and dietary changes.

The biggest change you’ll quickly become accustomed to after Lap Band surgery is eating a very controlled and strict but healthy diet. Your restricted stomach will no longer be able to hold large amounts of food at one time, making everything you eat that much more important. There will be some foods that you will no longer be able to eat and others that you will simply lose the taste for.

Because your stomach capacity is smaller, you now only have room for the most nutritious of foods and no room for unnecessary calories. If you have spent a good portion of your life eating unhealthy foods, it may be challenging to switch to better nutrition. Luckily the band will help you by reducing your hunger and giving you more time between meals to plan.

Here are several techniques to help you learn to love your Lap Band diet.

Be mindful and sit down when you eat. Before weight loss surgery, you were probably accustomed to eating whatever you like, whenever you like and however you like. Now that you are making conscious changes in the way you eat, it’s time to appreciate new healthy foods that now comprise your diet. Instead of standing or watching TV while you eat, make an effort to sit down in silence at the table to enjoy the meal you’ve prepared. This allows you to truly eat in a mindful manner as you appreciate and savor each bite you consume without any distractions. In time, you will learn to appreciate the healthy foods you eat and look forward to eating them each day.

Admire the healthy foods you eat. This may seem silly at first, but before you indulge in your meals take the time to look at the foods on your plate. Examine the color of fresh fruits and vegetables and savor the smell of the lean meat you’ve prepared. When you take the time to appreciate and regard your new way of eating, you will be able to have a happy, healthy relationship with the food you eat.

Slow down when you eat. Even if you’re absolutely starving, take the time to really slow down the speed at which you consume food. When you consume food to quickly not only does this skew your feelings of satiety, you may not accurately recognize when your stomach is full and have to regurgitate food there wasn’t any room for in your restricted pouch.

Remain positive about eating healthy. At first it may seem dissatisfying to have to eat so little of new healthy foods, but soon you will learn to love healthy food and ultimately crave it. Keep a positive mindset whenever you’re eating your healthy meals to really foster a new appreciation for your Lap Band lifestyle. Look at each meal you consume as an opportunity to improve your health and lose more weight. The more you grow to appreciate and crave healthy foods the more eating healthy will become second nature.

Though a new undeniable love for nutritious food will not blossom overnight, in time you will grow to appreciate the foods you can eat after Lap Band surgery and look forward to meals every time. If you’re having trouble adjusting to your new dietary changes, don’t hesitate to speak with your weight loss surgeon.

Learn to Love Your Lap Band Diet