Monitoring your Nutritional Intake

Monitoring your Nutritional IntakeAs a lap-band patient, accountability is an important component to your health and weight loss! One form of accountability is monitoring your nutritional intake to ensure you are meeting your daily nutrient goals (think protein) without going over on calories. Without monitoring what we put into our mouths we are very likely to underestimate the amount of calories we are consuming and overestimate the amount of protein we are eating. This faulty combination can lead to hunger, slowed weight loss and even weight gain. Weighing and measuring foods is the first step towards accuracy in monitoring nutritional intake. We can use measuring cups, measuring spoons and food scales to determine the amount of food we are eating.

The second step is to then calculate the nutritional content of the food (based on the amount you weighed or measured) using food labels, calorie counting books and electronic sources. But let’s be honest, this process can be quite cumbersome and can even prevent us from participating in this crucial component of weight management. As a dietitian, I love to find new tools for my patients and myself that make life a little easier! So, when a patient brought this new gem into my office, I could not wait to get my hands on it and share it with you! The Perfect Portions Food Scale weighs food AND calculates the nutrition content all in one step! No more labels, calorie counting books, internet, etc! And life is simplified. The Perfect Portion Food Scale can help you to monitor your nutrition intake and keep you accountable and successful! The Perfect Portion Food Scale is available at major retail stores.

Jennifer Clark, MS, RD, LD
Bariatric Dietitian
Bariatric Innovations of Atlanta

Monitoring your Nutritional Intake