Obesity in the South on the Rise

Obesity in the South on the RiseWith staples like sweet tea, chicken and waffles, and no shortage of sweets to carry locals through every season of the year, it really should come as no surprise that obesity is a major problem throughout much of the Southern United States. Across the United States the rate of obesity is on the rise. Currently, about 70% of all men and women over the age of 15 struggle with excess weight. About one-third of the total population over the age of 15 struggle with obesity specifically. Children under the age of 15 who are obese or overweight are more likely to experience major health problems and are even at an increased risk for heart disease, type-2 diabetes and different types of cancer later in life as a result of their early exposure to weight-related concerns.

Trouble with obesity is clearly a national concern, but the issue seems to be an even bigger issue in the South-Eastern region. Nationally, obesity-related medical treatment comes to a total of $316 billion dollars every year. Productivity loss due to absenteeism, purely as a result of obesity and obesity related diseases, is estimated at a total of $8.6 billion every year. Push the majority of this burden onto the Southern states and you’ll see that there is a drastic problem of proportion that this collection of States is having to deal with.

Obesity in the United States seems to be influencing the following states in the highest numbers:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama
  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee
  • Arkansas

What can be done?

With the burden that obesity places on the region now clear, it is in the best interest of the States, local governments and individuals to combat the local pressures that are encouraging obesity and to begin to make changes from the ground up. Weight loss surgery is a great solution for those who are severely overweight or obese, and who have tried losing weight in the past without success.

If you are trying to lose weight in the South, it is good to recognize that the region is filled with a lot of temptation. With the highest population of obese and overweight residents in the United States, there may not be a lot of visible support when you start achieving your weight loss results. Try carving for yourself a group of friends who are supportive of your goals, and who can work with you and encourage you to continue making healthy improvements in your life.

Just because the South is a hotbed of obesity, that doesn’t mean that obesity has to continue controlling your life. You can overcome obesity in Atlanta, even if Atlanta is filled to the brim with super sweet tea, lots of fast food restaurants and plenty of people who aren’t yet concerned about living with excess weight. For additional support or to find out how to get started losing weight, contact your weight loss surgeon.

Obesity in the South on the Rise