Portion Control is Key

Portion Control is KeyOne of the most common mistakes I often see people make in regards to weight loss is over eating “healthy” foods. Foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, dried fruits, granola, hummus, salads, nut butters and cheese are often associated with being healthy or “diet friendly”.  While these foods definitely provided nutritional benefits, they can easily add too many calories to our diet if we over consume them. It’s important to always be aware of proper portion control of foods we are eating. Just because a food is considered healthy does not mean we can eat them in unlimited portions!

Portion Control is Key!


Almonds 1 oz. (23 whole almonds) 163 calories
Walnuts 1 oz. (14 halves) 185 calories
Sunflower Seeds 1 oz. (2 tablespoons) 165 calories
Pine Nuts 1 oz. (2 tablespoons) 191 calories
Dried Fruit ¼ cup 120-250 calories
Granola ¼ cup 120-200 calories
Hummus 2 tablespoons 70 calories
Pesto Sauce ¼ cup 230 calories
Peanut Butter 2 tablespoons 190 calories
Feta Cheese ¼ cup 100 calories
Blue Cheese ¼ cup 120 Calories


All of these foods have great health benefits, but for a small serving size the calories are relatively high. Eating too large of portions of these types of foods can sabotage weight loss, and even cause weight gain! A great way to include these types of foods in our diet without overdoing the calories is to find ways to use them as a topping to a meal or snack, rather than a main part of your plate.

Portion Control is Key