Preparing Meals in Advance

Preparing Meals in AdvanceThere is no one particular diet that is right for everyone, it is important to find your own healthy eating plan that is nutritious adaptable to your lifestyle. Time is often one of the biggest obstacles people face when trying to meet their weight loss goals. Grocery shopping and meal prep takes time and effort that can sometimes be the first thing to go when we get busy. However, we are much more likely to make healthy food decisions when we have healthy meals readily available.

Setting aside 1-2 days a week for meal prep is a great way to ensure healthy food is available and ready to eat. On meal prep days look to prepare one dish that can be used for leftovers as well as stocking up on non-perishable items that can be eaten at other meal times. If you’re planning on having chicken for dinner, double or triple the recipe and find ways to incorporate chicken into meals later that week: chicken sandwich, salad with chicken, chicken as a main dish, etc. Also, look to have frozen fruits and vegetables on hand: these often require little to no prep, have a very short cook time and you don’t have to worry about them spoiling! Find ways to make meal prep a part of your weekly routine to make eating healthy work for your lifestyle!

Preparing Meals in Advance

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