Temptation Free: Control Your Eating Environment

Control Your Eating EnvironmentWe don’t always have control of our eating environment, tempting foods can be found at work, school, on our route home, at family gatherings, social events and many more places; however, we do have control over the eating environment at home. Make sure to have healthy foods on hand so if hunger strikes you’re prepared to whip up a healthy meal. Stocking your fridge and pantry with healthy foods will only do so much if you allow unhealthy, tempting foods in the house though. So make a point to avoid purchasing trigger or tempting foods at the grocery and keep your kitchen temptation free!

Tips to Equip Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating

  • Stock the freezer: Frozen fruits and vegetables are quick and easy to prepare and won’t spoil, always have them on hand for a healthy side or snack option.
  • Perfect your portions: Make sure you have measuring cups and measuring spoons on hand so you can take the guess work out of portioning your food. Underestimating the portions we eat is one of the easiest ways to over consume calories!
  • Prep now: On days when you have a little extra time in the kitchen work on prepping for a few healthy meals, this will not only save you time in the long run, but it will make the healthier meal choice the easier meal choice- which means we’re much more likely to make it!
  • Identify triggers: Whether it’s a trigger food or a trigger situation try and make the kitchen a trigger free zone. If you have a hard time turning down chocolate or always want to snack while watching TV try and keep these things out of your kitchen.

Temptation Free: Control Your Eating Environment