The Art of Gaining New Healthy Habits

the art of gaining new healthy habitsThe New Year is always a great time to refocus on our health and wellness goals, or sometimes even set new goals. A great challenge entering the New Year is to focus on adding one healthy habit every month. Focusing on adding healthy habits, rather than breaking the unhealthy habits, helps us stay focused on all the healthful things we’re gaining rather than focusing on the things we’re not allowed to have. When we stop focusing on the bad habits, those bad habits lose their power and control over us, making it easier to reach our health and wellness goals.

January Healthy Habit:  improve your drinking habits by either:

  • Reducing the amount of soda or sugar sweetened beverages like sweet tea, lemonade, or fruit juices you drink daily
  • Aiming to drink more water throughout the day

The Art of Gaining New Healthy Habits