Words from the Successful

What people who have reached their weight loss goals and who are never going back to living with obesity have to say about the weight loss journey.

Sometimes it feels impossible. The struggle is a difficult one, and it is slow and arduous and feels like it is never going to get any better. Weight loss is not a simple process, and even after having weight loss surgery there are obstacles and hang-ups, and some days it seems like too much to continue on your diet plan and push forward.

This is said not to discourage, but to make it clear that these feelings of frustration and working towards the impossible are things that everyone who has ever tried to lose weight have experienced.

So rather than focus on the thought process of those who are having trouble pushing through, it may be helpful to have insight from those who have made it through the other side.  What is it like to lose 150 pounds? What is it like to reach your goal? How do you know you can keep it off?

Those who have found weight loss success often report a few of the same ideas. Here is a quick rundown of the mindset of someone who did it:

  • Always have a plan in place. Have back-up plans. Contingency plans. Just-in-case plans. When you don’t know what to eat or where to go, then you are more likely to make a bad choice in the moment.
  • Work with a professional. The only way to successfully reach your goal is to work with a successful program, and that is what weight loss surgery offers. If you try to lose weight on your own it becomes a lot more difficult to get all the way to the end.
  • Become educated and get interested in what is going on in your body. Read up on the dietary guidelines, watch documentaries on health issues, and become part of a support group that can help you make a difference in your life.

Finally, those who have successfully lost weight emphasize the importance of recognizing what is right for you, and not attempting to force a program that isn’t working. Talk to your weight loss surgeon about your concerns and dietary preferences and craft a plan that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Words from the Successful