Working that Commute after Weight Loss Surgery

Don’t let a long commute get you down. Get active and focus on weight loss as you get to and from work in Atlanta.

Working that Commute after Weight Loss SurgeryAcross the United States, the average to-work commute is just over 25 minutes. Done twice a day, this puts the average American worker in the car for just about an hour, Monday through Friday. Of course, if you are living in or around Atlanta, then 25 minutes one-way might sound like a dream. Atlanta is consistently rated one of the absolute worst cities to work in based on commute data. It is one of the biggest traffic hubs in the United States, ranked up there with places like Washington DC and Los Angeles.

The average Atlanta resident will spend closer to 35 minutes in the car each way, with some commutes touching on an hour—two hours round trip.

When you are looking to lose weight, every minute counts. You might not be able to take a lot of time out of the middle of your workday to focus on fitness, and once you get home you’ll likely have a handful of household responsibilities that will keep you busy. Making the most of that hour on the road can be a huge help with your weight loss efforts.

The best way to make your commute healthier is to evaluate the habits you keep on the road. There are a few reasons why commutes are looked at as poor factors for a healthy lifestyle, including:

  • Eating fast-food or highly processed snacks while driving
  • Sipping on sugary drinks from coffee shops or gas stations
  • Getting stressed out by traffic
  • Sitting stationary for an hour a day

If you can eliminate at least three of these factors then you can make your commute work for you as you lose weight in Atlanta.

How can you change your commute? The first step is to see if you can carpool, or if driving on your own, is the only option. Talk to your co-workers and find out if anyone lives close enough to carpool. This can help you save money on gas and can take you away from the wheel. If you are able to carpool, bring your workout into the car by using light hand weights or resistance bands to work out while your coworker drives.

If you are able, consider using public transport for some or all of your commute. Switching to a bus or the metro for even just part of your commute can get you out of the car and walking where you would have been sitting previously.

Even if you can’t change your drive, you can change how you drive. Listen to calming music to reduce road rage and keep stress from traffic at bay. And skip the sugary snacks and drinks. Keeping to your healthy diet while driving can help you achieve a much healthier commute.

Working that Commute after Weight Loss Surgery